Is Your Relationship Healthy?

  • couple /ˈkʌpəl/ two people who are married or having a sexual or romantic relationship
  • a newly married couple
  • miserable /ˈmɪzərəbəl/ extremely unhappy, for example because you feel lonely, cold, or badly treated
  • I’ve been so miserable since Pat left me.
  • period /ˈpɪəriəd $ ˈpɪr-/ the flow of blood that comes from a woman’s body each month
  • I was 12 years old when I started my periods.
  • attachment /əˈtætʃmənt/ a feeling that you like or love someone or something and that you would be unhappy without them
  • a child’s attachment to its mother
  • concept /ˈkɒnsept $ ˈkɑːn-/ an idea of how something is, or how something should be done
  • the concept of total patient care
  • avoid /əˈvɔɪd/ to prevent something bad from happening
  • Road safety is taught to young children to avoid road accidents.
  • confident /ˈkɒnfɪdənt $ ˈkɑːn-/ sure that something will happen in the way that you want or expect
  • We are confident next year’s profits will be higher.
  • latte /ˈlæteɪ $ ˈlɑː-/ very strong coffee with a lot of steamed milk in it, or a cup of this type of coffee
  • rejection /rɪˈdʒekʃən/ the act of not accepting, believing in, or agreeing with something OPP acceptance
  • What are the reasons for his rejection of the theory?
  • abandon /əˈbændən/ to leave someone, especially someone you are responsible for
  • abandonment noun
  • How could she abandon her own child?
  • intimacy /ˈɪntəməsi/ a state of having a close personal relationship with someone
  • the intimacy of marriage
  • panic /ˈpænɪk/ a sudden strong feeling of fear or nervousness that makes you unable to think clearly or behave sensibly
  • The children fled in panic.
  • clingy /ˈklɪŋi/ someone who is clingy is too dependent on another person, and will often hold on to them – used to show disapproval
  • a shy clingy child
  • stalk /stɔːk $ stɒːk/ to follow a person or animal quietly in order to catch and attack or kill them
  • We know the rapist stalks his victims at night.
  • disaster /dɪˈzɑːstə $ dɪˈzæstər/ a sudden event such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering
  • the economic consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  • devastate /ˈdevəsteɪt/ to make someone feel extremely shocked and sad
  • Rob was devastated by the news of her death.
  • neuroses /njʊˈrəʊsɪs $ nʊˈroʊ-/ a mental illness that makes someone unreasonably worried or frightened
  • flirt /flɜːt $ flɜːrt/ to behave towards someone in a way that shows that you are sexually attracted to them, although you do not really want a relationship with them
  • She accused him of flirting with other women.
  • margarita /ˌmɑːɡəˈriːtə $ ˌmɑːr-/ an alcoholic drink made with tequila and lemon or lime juice

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