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  • bleed /bliːd/ to lose blood, especially because of an injury
  • Mrs Burke was found unconscious and bleeding profusely.
  • sue /sjuː $ suː/ to make a legal claim against someone, especially for money, because they have harmed you in some way
  • If the builders don’t fulfil their side of the contract, we’ll sue.
  • marvel /ˈmɑːvəl $ ˈmɑːr-/ to feel or express great surprise or admiration at something, especially someone’s behaviour
  • I don’t know how he did it – he’s an absolute marvel!
  • distress /dɪˈstres/ a feeling of extreme unhappiness
  • Luke’s behavior caused his parents great distress.
  • karate /kəˈrɑːti/ a Japanese fighting sport, in which you use your feet and hands to hit and kick
  • The fusing of mind and body in karate is indescribably beautiful.
  • betray /bɪˈtreɪ/ to be disloyal to someone who trusts you, so that they are harmed or upset
  • He felt that she had betrayed him.
  • smooch /smuːtʃ/ if two people smooch, they kiss and hold each other in a romantic way, especially while dancing
  • The sales manager and the boss’s wife were smooching in full view of everyone.
  • avenge /əˈvendʒ/ to do something to hurt or punish someone because they have harmed or offended you
  • He wanted to avenge his brother’s death.
  • awesome /ˈɔːsəm $ ˈɒː-/ extremely impressive, serious, or difficult so that you feel great respect, worry, or fear
  • the awesome sweep of the scenery

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